When it comes to creating spaces that resonate with elegance and innovation, the Houston Design District stands out as a shining gem in the heart of Houston, Texas. This sprawling community is not just a collection of design showrooms and upscale retailers; it’s a one-stop destination of talent, design services, and furnishings that cater to both the trade and the public. Whether you’re embarking on a residential project, a commercial venture, or simply seeking to revamp your living space, the Houston Design District offers an exceptional array of solutions in architecture, interior design, remodeling, and more.

A Unique Fusion of Design and Accessibility

Nestled just north of Memorial Park and east of Loop 610, the Houston Design District is in a prime location, strategically situated within minutes of Downtown, River Oaks, Uptown Park, Tanglewood, the Villages, and Memorial City. This accessibility, coupled with its tranquil surroundings featuring landscaped medians and soothing water features, creates an environment where the mind can wander and creativity can flourish.

Over the past 25 years, this district has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from an industrial warehouse hub into the thriving Design District that it is today. The Houston Design Center, serving as its cornerstone, has attracted a plethora of design-focused businesses, luxury retailers, and developers, resulting in the flourishing of Houston’s Design District. The area is currently in the midst of a dynamic growth phase, with the opening of 7800 Washington, the Katy Design Center, and other ongoing redevelopments planned or under construction.

Curated Excellence in Design

One of the standout features of the Houston Design District is its ability to cater to diverse design needs all in one area. It has emerged as Houston’s go-to destination for luxury residential and commercial furnishings, showcasing a range of top-tier brands and products. From architectural studios to design showrooms, from an elegant gated residential community to interior design services, and from landscaping experts to luxury automotive specialists, the location offers an array of resources that cater to design aficionados of all kinds.

A Perspective From a Houston Design District Member, Scene One Interiors 

Steve Clifton, the owner of Scene One Interiors, is an award-winnig interior designer and member of ASID/TGCC. His home and business are both located in the Houston Design District. His showroom and design studio have been in the Houston Design Center since 2005, moreover he lives in the master planned Hines community, Somerset Green. Clifton shares his viewpoint on the allure of the Houston Design District. “Convenience!” he exclaims, highlighting the central location that has made his business thrive. Clifton underscores how the well-thought-out design of the Houston Design Center facilitates efficient interactions with showrooms, ensuring that designers can focus on their craft without the hassles of parking garages and time-consuming commutes.

Photo Steve Clifton rev

Steve Clifton, Scene One Interiors, Member of THDD

Clifton’s journey to Old Katy Road began when he was an independent interior designer in the 80s, shopping showrooms at what was then the Resource Center. His firsthand experience of the convenience and ease left a lasting impression, eventually leading him to establish his showroom in the recently rebranded Houston Design Center. He emphasizes that being connected to the city’s vibrant energy is a major draw, allowing him to seamlessly transition from work to play. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Clifton appreciates the plethora of diverse dining options available in close proximity, with upscale and trendy restaurants vying for his attention.

Scene One Interiors Team Harold Myrick Laura Baxter special guest Laura Dowling Steve Clifton Melanie Ballard and Kenneth Kelly l. to r

Steve Clifton and the Scene One Interiors team including Harold Myrick, Laura Baxter, special guest Laura Dowling, Steve Clifton, Melanie Ballard and Kenneth Kelly (l. to r.)

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Experience The Houston Design District

The Houston Design District is more than just a place—it’s a haven where design dreams are realized. With its unmatched blend of accessibility, curated excellence, and a thriving business community, it stands as a testament to Houston’s dedication to innovative design, architecture, and upscale retail. From commercial enterprises to residential design projects, the district serves as a true one-stop shopping experience, offering solutions that redefine spaces and lifestyles. So, whether you’re a design professional, a business leader building or expanding your facilities, or an enthusiast seeking inspiration for home or office, the Houston Design District is ready to welcome you into its world of creativity and elegance. For more information on the Houston Design District, its members, and all it has to offer visit thdd.org.

The Houston Design District